• It Starts With Ideas

  • Ideas are Aligned with Objectives

  • Then the work begins

Sink or Swim Media


SorS is founded on the principal of practical creativity and application. We develop creative solutions, predict their impact on your business, prepare the business for that impact, and then implement.


On average, we have increased sales for our clients by 65%, and decreased costs by an average of 39%. Those are the hard numbers - what can we do for you?


Working within a budget doesn't mean sacrificing quality, creativity, or results. We work largely with small businesses or funded start-ups. We know the value of a dollar and the desperate need for return on those dollars.

ABOUT US - We hate the word "Consultant"

SorS does work; real work. We will implement our solutions - we invest in what we present so that it works. Sink or Swim Media is uniquely focused on the customer; in that everything we do for individual customers is proprietary. 

No ideas, strategies, or solutions should be the same, because no business is the same as yours and no needs are the same as yours.


Who is sink or swim?

William drawbridge


Will has over 18 years of marketing experience, working with a variety of companies from MNCs to family owned bakeries. He specializes in creating digital CRM strategies that drive results.

Prior to SorS, Will consulted for Citi Group, Medco, Mainette, Florida Power and Light and others. Will is also the co-founder of Twin Monkey Inc.

Will is part owner of a retired NYC Fire Boat, John J. Harvey, located in Chelsea. Will is a graduate of SUNY Purchase with a degree in literature.

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing
what they dream of.”

Paulo Coelho

The Work We Do

Quick Stats

20 Years of Experience
17 Successful Launches
280 Quarters in the swear jar
15 Million Generated

Our Services

  • Marketing


    Launch, rebranding, revitalization, full strategy development and execution, and tracking.

    SorS is your fully developed cross-channel marketing department without all those "artsy" employees causing so much trouble.

  • Events


    SorS delivers unique event experiences, be it major events, corporate meetings, trade shows, business luncheons, weddings, etc.
    Our focus is creating an experience that exemplifies your goals and uniquness.

  • Imaging


    SorS provides incredible imaging services for both photography and video.

    We create unique imaging strategies that won't cost you your entire year's marketing budget - but will look like they did.

  • Communications


    Messaging, PR, and Marketing Integration can, literally, make a business.

    We provide integrated strategies focused on brand continuity and language to communicate your look, feel, experience, and business personality.

  • Management


    We handle your business like it was our own because we deliver on our strategies. There is no "you do this" here.

    We implement everyone of our concepts and campaigns - that's why you hired us - to build your business not your work load.


Getting Started

Contact Info

Non-Profits & SorS

Each year, Sink or Swim Media donates our services to a select non-profit organization in the New York area. If you are a registered non-profit organization seeking help in web design, print, media, social media, or events, please contact us at info@sinkorswimmedia.com with your project need and we will respond within 24 hours.